Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Life in Anonos: Pictures of the week

Always something going on in the Tahoe.
This lady had her treadle sewing machine out in better lighting.
Her children and the neighbor's kids all play around her.

 David and David practice for Sunday's worship.

 The bike gang...Riding down the back alley.


 Adriana works in the store 
and cares for her sister-in-law's baby, Melissa.

 Is it just me or is the dog on the roof?!? Guard dog?? 
Only in Costa Rica...

Rainy season is in full swing. Get out your rain gear!!!

 Keylin looks at herself in a vanity mirror that is 
being sold in the casita.


  1. WOW...I miss Anonos...such wonderful people...

  2. I love the creativity - hauling that sewing machine outside in the sun! I love this place, these people, these pictures, my Julie.