Friday, May 18, 2012

TGIFIA: Thank God it´s Friday in Anonos!!!

In continuing with my series of a week in pictures in Los Anonos, here´s what Friday is shaping up to be...

 Jaci is one of the servers at the Catholic church in Los Anonos. They feed every school aged child 6 days a week. What an amazing ministry!!!

 Keylin can finally ride her bike with no training wheels!!!

Here´s one motocycle mama....although I would feel better if they all had helmets!!!!

Such sweet princesitas (Little princesses)!!! Paola and Rachel were getting a snack.

Waiting for the school bus in the Tajo.

 One of the municipality street cleaners. Coffee break??

I caught this little dude hanging out a second story window 
in the Tajo. Too cute!!

 Men from the community continue the work building retention walls along the river. 

 Antoni watches his grandma make tortillas up in the Mangoes.

 Just hanging out.

 Doña Fransisca makes her famous tortillas!!!

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