Sunday, May 27, 2012

Princess Club: A Royal Day in the Park

Several months ago, if you remember, I posted a princess club blog about a very generous donation from a complete stranger (here's the link to the original blog, in case you want to go back and read it: Radomivity)

So I have been ruminating ever since about how to use this sum of money. All kinds of ideas and adventures popped into my head. Here was a chance to do something extra special with my girls and show them how to be treated like royalty!!! After much though, I decided I wanted to take them to the Parque de's a theme park about 15 minutes from the house, kind of like a mini 6 Flags. I know most of the girls come from families that would not have the financial resources to explore the park on their own. Man, you should have seen their faces on graduation day from the last club when I told them about going to the Parque. They were THRILLED!! Beyond thrilled. Mentos in a Coke bottle. 

Yesterday was the big day!! We all piled into a van and headed out! What a great day!!! Here are the highlights!!!

Praise the Lord my girls are 8 to 11 years-old!! It meant they were all tall enough 
to ride almost all of the rides!!!

 The park was such an appealing place!!!

 Long lines were worth it!!! 
The girls had a blast on the bumper cars...

 Paddle boat time!!! The girls really did a good job paddling...until the end...

 The Octopus. Also known as the brain shaker. 

We went on so many rides, my glasses just couldn't take it.

 Still looking for my prince. I heard you have to kiss a lot of frogs. No luck here, although he was a rock solid frog!!

I love my girls!! 
They have taught me so much and I am so proud to
see them grow and learn in their
relationship with the Lord!!!

Ana Laura and her son, Matias!! My faithful co-leader and co-heiress in Christ!!!!

 This was their favorite ride! They went on the roller coaster FIVE TIMES in a row!!! There was no line, so there was no waiting. BEST RIDE of the day!!!

 Unfortunately Julissa was the only one not tall enough to go on the big roller coaster. So she was content to ride the rocket ships FIVE TIMES in a row!!!! My girls are learning so much!! Nicol went with her!!!

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