Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mini Miracles

Today I went up to Carmen's like I do almost every day. We have a group here from Mechanic Falls, Maine, so I took up the ladies from the group to visit with me. Seidy went, too. When we got there, Carmen was in a good mood. She had just washed and rebandaged her own foot (she has a renewed motivation for her foot to heal...remind me to tell you about that tomorrow). In the course of conversation she told me she had been thinking just this very morning about the first group of gringos she met back in October: the very first people who had come to pray in her house. She said she was praying this morning and asked God if they would ever come back to visit her. Ironically, which is only the commonly acceptable Americanized word to use in this situation, I should say providentially, the woman sitting on the couch to Carmen's right, Maida, was one of those very people who had visited her in October. Her husband, Dick, the pastor of the church, was also in Costa Rica.  I told her that. Recognition dawned on her face, she had forgotten what Maida had looked like, but on closer inspection remembered her. And then told her God answers her prayers much quicker than he seems to answer mine :)

Some times we don't recognize what's in front of us because time and life helps us forget. Some times we just need to be reminded that often God sends us the answers to our prayers immediately, we just occasionally need help to see.

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