Sunday, February 12, 2012

Steven update!!!

This is Steven, one of our guys. His appendix burst January 25th, but the doctor he went to didn´t fully check him and sent him home with some antibiotics for an infection. He went back to the emergency room after a few hours because he couldn´t stand the pain where they finally diagnosed him with the ruptured appendix. He was hospitalized for a total of 16 day in a journey where he almost died. The appendix had been left long enough that toxins had leaked into his body and his intestines were perforated. At one point his lungs were also filling with water. But through much prayer, fasting, and skilled care from the doctors and nurses, Steven progressively got better. He still has a very large wound on his abdomen with several stitches, but they are healing well. Continue to pray for his recovery!!! 

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  1. Wow. That EXACT story happened to me when I was 5. I had eaten too many cookies that I was told not to eat. Kept it quiet in spite of extreme pain. Prideful little kiddo, right? I almost died also. spent a month in the hospital with 3 surgeries. I feel so bad for him. I remember so well.