Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Miracles happen every day!!

2012 is a year of promise. It is a year of revival. Of hope and renewal. This year, Viña Anonos has the plan of praying through every house in the community. Maps are printed. Plans are laid. And we've begun! Our first two teams, New Life from Gahanna, Ohio, and Vineyard North from Grand Rapids, Michigan, have helped us begin our quest. And God has been faithful in moving here in the community in miraculous ways! Here are several of the stories!!

When New Life came, Brian, Cindy, Alan, and I went out to give toothbrushes and tooth paste to our neighbors and pray in the community. We started up across from the church on the road that leads up to the clinic. There was a woman in one of the houses who had a migraine that had lasted for weeks. Jesus totally healed her migraine while we prayed! This same group to the house next door, Andres' house. His mother had hurt her shoulder. We prayed for her and Jesus took the pain away and she could move it again!

Grand Rapids: Steven's grandmother had a swollen knee with lots of pain. Part of the team prayed for her and she was healed of the knee pain. She was so surprised she literally was kicking her leg around and saying the pain was gone. David was surprised, too, he kept asking her if she felt better, and she did!

One of the older women from the Tahoe came up to the Casa Nueva while we were working. She had an accident several years ago that left her deaf in one ear. We prayed for her and all of a sudden she said she could hear! It was funny, though, because she was so nonchalant about it. You never would have known from the outside she was healed. She was calm. Her face never changed. She showed no overt excitement. But when Mike whispered in her ear she repeated back to him that she could hear what he said! You think there would have been some great reaction, but she just knew she would be healed if she asked!

A little while later a man born deaf came by for prayer, too. Jesus opened his ear on one side and he gained a bit of his hearing back in one ear!

On the same trip, Kevin's grandfather was sick in bed. He couldn't talk and could barely eat. One prayer team prayed for him and by the next day he was up and moving around! We say him in the alley where we were cutting hair and could hardly believe our eyes that it was the same person!

Steven also seemed to have a miraculous recovery in the hospital after his appendix ruptured. He's back in the community and even going to school again!!

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  1. What a wonderful account of God's moving in the community, Julie. Thanks for sharing. To God be the glory!