Sunday, February 12, 2012

Thoughts from David Colby

I really enjoy reading other people's thoughts on faith and life. I saw this on my friend David Colby's facebook wall the other day and got permission to re-post it. David has been on several missions trips down here to Costa Rica as well as to Nicaragua with us. I hope it encourages you as much as it encouraged me! Thanks, David, for sharing!!!
 Today I was thinking about Jesus teaching about where we build our 'houses' the foundations of our lives. Most of the time I have a little difficulty translating a principal or truth to application in every day life. Like what does it mean to have faith in Jesus as my foundation of life ? and what would be the equivalent of building a house on sand ? I am not much of a boat man , but it seems to me the bigger the boat or the harder the wind blows and the higher the waves the bigger the object you want to be connected to so that you don't get swept away. What's the biggest thing you can think of ? My thought is that the guy who claims to have created everything ought to be able to hold fast amidst anything that takes place within what he created. Then there is the matter of what connects the boat to the anchor . A rope, chain, or cable, for a christian that would be what I call faith. My belief in the one that says he created everything. I f he made it he ought to be able to control it , right? So, what if it's dark and stormy and I can't see the cable ? Well I have seen it in times prior to the storm so know it is there even if I cannot see it now. So you say ropes fray and metal chains rust and lose there strength ? Well if I am anticipating another and bigger storm ( we all know that someday it will happen ) or I have gotten a bigger boat ( job promotion, marriage, children new business ) I would be working on acquiring a bigger rope ! How do you go about that you say ? Well I would be studying the stories of those faith giants in the Bible and I would collecting the words / the promises of of my God to those that believe in Him . I am firmly convinced that if you profess to be a follower of Christ there will be more than ample opportunities to test the strength of your connection to your anchor, Jesus Christ , in days ahead. I would urge all my friends to study and to exercise in an effort to grow stronger. I guess I didn't answer my own questions from the beginning of this note. I think I know what I want to build my belief on and will have to think of examples of what might be the equivalent of shifting sand tomorrow. God bless your search for truth , direction, peace and contentment .

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